Confessions of a Quondam Gourmand

I usually stay away from posting personal stuff on my blog here at Scepticemia, but seeing as how the personal stuff has kept me from blogging (and life, in general), over the past few weeks, I thought this was high time I acknowledged the same the one way I know how to: blog about it! I…

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Aphorisms of Neitzsche

Hacking of the National Institute of Epidemiology and Musings on Hacktivism

Yesterday, my friend and medical blogging maestro, SoumyadeepB brought this to my notice: National Institute of #Epidemiology, #India hacked .. @scepticemia might interest you — Soumyadeep Bhaumik (@DrSoumyadeepB) January 27, 2014 So, apparently, the National Institute of Epidemiology got hacked by a member identified as what I think reads as Haxorioux Mind who apparently…

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Buying and selling never was so easy

This is a sponsored guest post. Nowadays, Internet has transformed our lives so much that we use it for doing almost everything. One of the clearest examples of this is that  the way of buying and selling all kinds of objects has changed. Especially, when we want to get a new electronic gadget. Most of…

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