Buying and selling never was so easy

This is a sponsored guest post. Nowadays, Internet has transformed our lives so much that we use it for doing almost everything. One of the clearest examples of this is that  the way of buying and selling all kinds of objects has changed. Especially, when we want to get a new electronic gadget. Most of…

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Screen Shot 2013-10-02 at 1.57.08 AM

US Shutdown: PubMed, Twitter, Trolls and Medicine

The news in Twitterville and Facebookland is the US Government Shutdown. It seems pretty complicated if you ask me, with a lot of financial considerations being taken into account to understand why the government is shutting down, so, I will use internet memes that have been doing the rounds, in an effort to clarify my…

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Poring over.

Birthdays, Bonds and Being Bowled Over

This has been one of the most raucous Junes yet. Tons of fun, including a 7-cake birthday celebration (almost a week long event, where I ended up cutting into seven cakes!), lot of letting the (proverbial) hair down, and fooling around in general. Life’s been good. This series of celebrations started with Jitendra sir’s birthday…

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