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Social Media for Doctors: Signing up for online professional networking sites? Consider these points first

So this post follows on from one previous post about the spammy email practices of Docplexus, a networking site for doctors, and has been incited by a deluge of emails which kept pinging my inbox non-stop. I first noted that they were celebrating the achievement of a wonderful milestone – 250,000 medics signing up for … Continue reading

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Infectious Diseases / Public Health

The Ills of Rattlesnake Pills

In the weird news section of the day, comes this one: child falls sick with lethal salmonella infection after consuming rattlesnake pills. Yeah, you got that right. Someone was feeding a child rattlesnake meat, all dried up and powdered, in the form of pills, hoping something miraculous woould happen. This media release from the CDC … Continue reading

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Public Health

Mapping Kolkata’s Hospitals with Google Maps: Crowdsourced GeoHealth

I received an email update from Google Maps about a brilliant initiative that is going to be of special importance in this season of “unknown” acute febrile illness affecting a large cross-section of the society. I am reproducing the full text of the linked post from the Google Maps Local Guides Connect web page. Do … Continue reading

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