#MedEd Musings #1: How Not to do A Powerpoint Presentation

A wonderfully done powerpoint presentation on how not to do a powerpoint presentation! Done by the comedian Don McMillan, this seems to be quite some time old, but I must say, although technology has improved down the ages, and Microsoft has added more and more bells and whistles to MS-Powerpoint with each new version of MS-Office, the human errors have stuck on more or less at the same level!

Hat tip: Boing Boing

4 thoughts on “#MedEd Musings #1: How Not to do A Powerpoint Presentation

  1. Whilst PowerPoint can constitute a good resource, I think that it’s far too easily abused. I enjoy its efficiency where certain lectures are concerned – it’s a great tool for readily sharing visuals and tidbits of text that add to what one is saying. However, there is a place for it; often times, people use it ineffectively, somehow thinking it to be integral to any good presentation. I’m incapable of fashioning useful slides, too – it’s almost an art, one could say.

    Haha, interestingly, a professor that my mother works with is secretly termed “Death by PowerPoint” by his colleagues – apparently, he does all of the above 😀


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