It Is That Time of the Year Again: Part – III: Resolutions

Alrighty then. It is the last week of the year and time to sit down to look back, see what I’ve done wrong, what I’ve done right and what might be expected in the days ahead. And its also time to sit down and make some resolutions. I always end up procrastinating the resolution making … Continue reading It Is That Time of the Year Again: Part – III: Resolutions

PGMEE and the Past Year

2010 was the year when, for the first time in my life, I tasted the bitterness of failure. Of course, I am talking about the post grad entrance tests: the examination which allows or denies you an entry into the hallowed pantheons of higher medical education in India. It was also the year when, due … Continue reading PGMEE and the Past Year

50th Post, 1000 Page Views and Flying Reindeers

So, I have been blogging here for just about a month and a half, but the numbers have started to get going a bit. This is the 50th post and I feel like I have just scratched the surface. There have been days when I have gone on to write as many as 5 posts! … Continue reading 50th Post, 1000 Page Views and Flying Reindeers

Mr. Second Innings: Laxman

I guess I was waiting for the outcome of the test match to shoot this post out, because depending on the final outcome, I would have painted Laxman either in the shades of a tragic hero or a match winning superstar. In either case, his fluent 96 remains one of the best test cricket innings … Continue reading Mr. Second Innings: Laxman

Timing the Tab-late

The conventional wisdom states that the intake of thyroid hormone replacement is best when done in the morning, on an empty stomach, in order to allow the best absorption and a more predictable range of serum concentration, thereby preventing potentially iatrogenic hypothyroidism. Now, this has also been studied, albeit in small groups (1), showing that … Continue reading Timing the Tab-late