Presentation (S)Kills

So, one of my pet peeves is on doing proper powerpoint presentations. Having sat through numerous lectures during the six years in medical school, I have been subjected to more than my fair share of powerpoint oppression. I have this fantasy, that one day, I will be on the other side of the podium and do the thing right. Anyways. So, I end up watching a lot of how-to, how-not-t videos and stuff about powerpoint presentations! I posted one of the how-not-to videos a few days ago. Check it out HERE.

Today, I am posting a how-to video, which advocates burning down ALL of your powerpoint presentations and starting off anew. Dr. John Medina presents a compelling case, which I wish I could p[resent to some of my erstwhile teachers.

What do you think? Do all of YOUR powerpoints need to get burnt down? Surely, many of mine do!

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