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Airtel Advertisement #FAIL!

So, like any self respecting individual, I hate it when the corporates shove something down my throat and make me think that I HAVE to like it, or else I am not one of the cool folks. Well, there is this Airtel ad which is doing the rounds on the local radio stations, which just got on my nerve, and I just HAD to write about it to get it out of my system.

Now I have nothing against the music per se. In fact, its a Rahman, its classic, and I love it. Its a very catchy tune. And I hate it. Mainly because of the fact that the celebrities like Saif Ali Khan, his girlfriend, Kareena Kapoor, etc. are coming on air, saying in mushy-gushy tones how it is a Rahman tune and how they love it and how they’re setting it as their caller tunes/ring tones/door bells/whattheeffingcrapever.

Seriously. Credit the users with some brains. Let them choose whether they like it or not for themselves. I know you all are in advertising and all, but hey, have you heard the word called “subtlety“? At least try to be subtle instead of taking out your sledge hammers to pulverize our liberty to choose and like and all that!

Over reacting much? Yeah, maybe…


2 thoughts on “Airtel Advertisement #FAIL!

  1. What i guess happened is that. They want to optimise things as fast as possible, it’s all a publicity thingy. For the past two months zain has been crawling on all fours. This is just an effort to jeer the subscribers back to life. C’est strategie de business.

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