Of Classes, Confusions and Consternation

[Meaningless personal rant below, read at your own risk!]

So, I have been away from the webverse for the last couple of days, trying to sort out some of the weird issues that plague my life. I have been attending some classes, didactic lectures, etc in order to hone my skills prior to the upcoming examinations in January. I know, the little voice inside my head which is crying over and over again: “Too little, Too late!” is absolutely correct, but, I’m trying to stay as optimistic as possible.

Anyways, I attended an 8 hour long session yesterday, discussing the questions of the recently concluded AIIMS November 2010 examinations. The results are out and I managed to figure nowhere on the list, which ran on till the 600s. Clearly, I have managed to suck tremendously at the examination to be able to not even figure in the top 5% of the appearing examinees.

Whilst it was a seriously draining affair to sit through a class of that long a duration, which I have not done in the past couple of years, it was also illuminating. Not only did Dr. Thameem, the teacher manage to impress me with the profundity of his knowledge, but also, his enthusiasm to teach was a joy. It has been a long time since I have sat in a classroom without wanting to run away. That I managed to grab a seat beside a pretty lass helped as well, but, then again, that is a different thing altogether! 😉

There were so many ambiguous questions, that I was a little surprised during the examination only. It was further augmented when at least 7-8 questions turned out to be “it can be X or Y, depending on how you explain it” and well, that is not the best question to ask in an examination. The Psychiatry questions were particularly baffling (as it is in real life as well) as most of them could be answered in any of 2-3 different manners. The fact that a couple of questions were also proved to be wrong did not help my cause either.

All the optimism that I had walked into the classes with was a bit pale by the time I walked out. It had been a gruelling 8 hour long session, but that was not which weighed me down. I was more taken aback by the fact that many people who had actually scored better than me on the test did not, in fact, essentially KNOW more than me. They just managed to hold down the fort during the examination. Now, I have always considered myself to be good at that kind of thing, but, to my great chagrin, I found that I was left looking rather sorry at the end of it all.

The next exam is just around the corner.And from what I saw yesterday, it would be absurd of me to expect anything good to come off it. The little voice in my head seems to be having a field day, but I have decided my course of action. I have 25 days till the examination (not counting today) and I am planning to do an intensive, MCQ therapy prior to it and see how it goes. the last 2 years’ papers, I will study inside out and then, take a read of the 5 years’ papers before that. That means in 25 days, I have to read up 7 (years) x 3 (papers per year), that is 21 papers! A little over 1 day for each paper, which contains 200/300 questions (AIIMS/AIPGMEE).

So, the verdict is out. It is time to shake off that inertia of lethargy that the winter mornings are saturating my life with…

[UPDATE] Life is so cruel! My car has conked out, and needs to be taken for servicing, which means half a day out of the game! That. Sucks. 😦

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