Day 3: Schedules-Schmedules

So, you know you’re in trouble when it is halfway through the time you had allotted for studying Anatomy and yet, you are browsing through XKCD, Abstruse Goose or Cyanide and Happiness. Like I was. And then blogging about wasting time on them! Like I am. Then have to go to bed early because you are on call from an ungodly hour early next day. LIKE I HAVE TO! BIG Trouble. Anyways. Before I move in to crib about my day, here, take a look at my most fav bit of cartoon work for the day. It comes from the Abstruse Goose.

Well, I need something more magical than mere good luck to bail me out in the upcoming examinations. I was supposed to work on the 2010 MAY AIIMS paper yesterday (it spilled over from yesterday), but I have managed to go through about 40% of the paper only till now. I will be lucky if I manageto get it done by bed time today! 😦

Tomorrow’s a big day. Gotta leave at a godforsakenly early hour for getting in on time. And that is especially a bother because the mornings are SO DAMN COLD. In fact, the major impediment of my morning hours for the past few days has been getting up and OUT of that warm bed. Just thinking about that is giving me the shivers. Anyways. Got to get the car as well from the servicing center. Have to manage going to a cousin’s birthday celebration in the evening. And I also plan to watch Narnia, the neewest chronicle some time in course of the day as well. I wonder how I am going to fit all of that in ONE day!

Enough grumbling and griping for tonight, its time to hit the books… I think…


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