Headlines in WTFery!

So, if this article on The Hindustan Times from 28th November, 2010 is to be believed, then, there seems to have been a massive mix up at AIIMS this year. Several seats (seven, at least) were purported to have been left unfilled in the course of the summer admissions this year.

Now this does not really affect me directly, because I did not manage a rank in the examinations anyways, but it does seem to be very “irregular” to me. In fact, I may be inclined to believe the claims that these seats were held off after the open counseling session on 28th July was canceled (without any notifications) in order to induct students “illegally”. Really, in a nation where the top docs are thrown off the register for bribe seeking and money laundering, this cannot be much of a shocker.

However, this does not send out a good feeler to the masses of students, who are slogging their asses off, day in and day out, working like crazy to make the cut.

This makes my blood boil over…


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