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Wishes, Prayers, Hope: Cancer Sucks!

Strange are the ways in which the mind works. I have been a long time reader of Shadowfax’s blog Movin’ Meat for along time. Although I just started following him on Twitter today, I have enjoyed his blog for a considerably longer period. In fact, I used to read his blog way before I started blogging here! Then, I saw this tweet of his today (someone else I follow had RTed it):

And I must say I started to feel real bad. I have never met Shadowfax, never had direct conversation with him (not even online), never had the pleasure of knowing him personally in any possible way. But I always figured he was a funny, cool, caring, competent, empathetic physician. And all this via reading his blog.

I wish him and his family the best. I have a family member who is suffering from cancer and I know how that affects one and all in the family. I pray that he gets the strength required to face up to the brute that is cancer.

It sure is an irony, when, at the fag end of 2010, we stand atop the monument of medical progress, research, development, and yet, are forced to say:CANCER SUCKS!


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