It’s That Time of the Year Again: Part I – Christmas

It is that time of the year again: Christmas.

It seems like the whole city around me has gone down with Christmas fever, like every other year. Wherever I turn I am met with large glaring lights, signs and sounds: all is well, joy to the world, Christmas is come. And such stuff. Now I do not mean to be the spanner in the works, and nor do I need the ghosts of past-present-future to remind me what the Christmas spirit is all about, but I find this over-enthusiasm with the year ending dash of festivities a little off putting.

Unsurprisingly, I was supposed to be on call on the X-day!

It is not like I have anything against Christmas – in fact, I positively love holidays. But this time of the year brings back some sour memories. Really sour ones: and the worst part is that they are sour mostly because of my indiscretions. Unfortunately, as the days wore on, the effect of the indiscretion, and the resulting repercussions have slowly sunk in, along with a couple of important life-lessons. But the abhorrence towards the year ending splurge has stuck on.

I am sorry if I sound like the Grinch, because I am not. So this time around, I am trying to win my ambivalence towards this festive season over. I have a host of plans. It is the day when my high school reunion is slated to happen this year. I am, of course, looking forward to see how this goes. Then I plan to go out and soak in the joys of the Christmas with the most special person in my life (right now!).

Here’s to a Merry Christmas, and well, I will post again before the New Year eve, I hope… May the Christmas lights guide you on the way to happiness – as they have with me. Enjoy…

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