#HCSM / Debunking EBM

Twitter WTFery

So, Deepak Chopra tweeted this some time ago, and while logging on to Twitter, I saw it had become one of the popular tweets and was being featured on the front page:

I am all for healing the planet and all (by jove, this planet could use some healing) but this kind of vague, pseudo-scientific mumbo jumbo infuriates me. Deepak may have intended it in a very allegorical imagery, but obviously, that seems highly unlikely to me. All this cosmic-consciousness-via-FB-Twitter heals the mind and body and the WORLD as a whole has the great risk of being taken at face value: remember Kim Tinkham?. Within an hour of the tweet going out 100+ people retweeted it.

Can someone be the voice of reason here?


One thought on “Twitter WTFery

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