Steaming Vaginas!

So I am going to blame the holy Orac at Respectful Insolence for writing Steamed vajajay woo when I end up getting a lot of hits on this post from porn seeking freaks. Like most science freaks, I love Orac’s blog and although I am sometimes amused by his sense of well-placed immodesty, there is nothing woo-ful about his site! And somehow, he gets to know of the weirdest faith healing crap that is out there before anyone else can scoop it. I totally love ripping his work, come on, dissemination of scientific thought and all that!

Anyways, so the LA Times article which bestows the Orthopedic surgeon Charles Schwartz and his wife Niki-Han Schwartz with trying to revolutionize the steaming vaginas concept details the steps. here it is:

Pungent steam rises from a boiling pot of a mugwort tea blended with wormwood and a variety of other herbs. Above it sits a nude woman on an open-seated stool, partaking in a centuries-old Korean remedy that is gaining a toehold in the West.

Vaginal steam baths, called chai-yok, are said to reduce stress, fight infections, clear hemorrhoids, regulate menstrual cyclesand aid infertility, among many other health benefits. In Korea, many women steam regularly after their monthly periods.

I have always maintained that the Orthopods are a bit of a glorified bunch of carpenters anyways, and this just goes to show how right I was.

It is indeed a creepy concept that you can get “toxins” leached outta your bajingo just by, umm… smokin’ ’em out! I mean seriously, do these people need a lecture on how vaginas work or what? The possibilites of making puns are endless, so I will rest my case by saying that the great Orac has managed to uncover another hoax which is going to get HOT pretty soon.

So what if you ain’t steaming hot, your vayjay is!

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