Contemplating a Medical Blog Carnival

I know, it is a ridiculously difficult thing to keep going given the present strain I am going through, but I have always wanted to be be able to collate and collect the blogs I read (and I read a large number of them!) and start off with a Blog Carnival. Goes without saying that I have been inspired in this by the Grand Rounds, the baap (father) of all Medical Blog Carnivals. So, I finally decided to flag off my own contribution to the compendium of blogorama. I call it Medcetera.

So, here is the Call for the First issue! I am undecided whether to host the final carnival post here or there, but for the first one, I am going with the original blog. I have started collecting posts already, and in case you want to drop in one of your blog posts for consideration, just buzz me up on my email (or use the contact form on the contact me page). I look forwards to any advice or suggestion as to how I may conduct this. If any blogger is interested in co-hosting it, I would be glad to let them have the next issue.

I intend it to be fortnightly, and intend to publish it on the 1st and 3rd Sundays of every month. Let us hope I manage to make this carnival a successful one! 🙂


Debates and Discussions...

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