Death Drug on the Death Row

In the lethal injections used to execute prisoners on the death row, one of the major components is an important anesthetic drug called sodium thiopental. Under a three drug protocol, sodium thiopental is used to anaesthetise the prisoner, then pancuronium bromide paralyses him, before potassium chloride is administered to cause a fatal heart attack. (1) … Continue reading Death Drug on the Death Row

The Adler Trumpf Junior, Kolkata

I was trundling down Hungerford Street and was caught at the signal on the crossing the other day when I saw a car pull up alongside mine. I was a little lost in thought, contemplating my really horrific performance in the recently concluded examinations, so I did not really notice what was there beside me. … Continue reading The Adler Trumpf Junior, Kolkata

Remembering Picasso, The House of Charnel, and A Medical Holocaust

This news article in the BMJ, which is fast becoming my favorite medical reading, is disturbing, to say the least, on several levels. (1) But before I proceed any further I would like to draw your attention to three words in the title of the article: Baby Charnel House. So what exactly is a charnel … Continue reading Remembering Picasso, The House of Charnel, and A Medical Holocaust

A Test of Character

I had another examination today. As the readers of my blog probably know, I am working and simultaneously studying to get into a post graduate degree course in Medicine. Now I will write more on that later, because, for the time being, I just had an epithet regarding the Indian post grad medical examination system: … Continue reading A Test of Character

About the HIFA2015

This is in continuation of a previous post on my blog. I had talked of how the HIFA2015 group played an instrumental role  in saving the HINARI for the time being HERE. I stumbled across this video on YouTube showing more information about the HIFA2015 and why we need it. Here’s the video: