I know I am late, stop looking at me like that! I was on call for most parts of the first 4 days of the year, and have a life changing examination coming up next week. Seriously, if you knew how my last sessions on call went, you would be cuddling me now instead of looking all cross and judgmental!

Anyways. I wish y’all a rawking year ahead. As for me, I can see, even if things go according to plan for me (which, well hello Murphy’s Laws, they never do! 😡 ) it is going to be a defining year: career changing, life changing one. A slew of examinations are coming up, and I need to focus and see if I can make anything out of them!


As always, the folks over at Cyanide and Happiness (click pic above to read their latest comics on their webpage) have done a better job of predicting my days ahead than have any numerolo-gits or astro-losers. I just wanna come out of this year, alive and kicking. So that I can thrive in the next. Hard times ahead. The least you can do is leave some comments and make me feel that the time I waste here is worthwhile. Go ahead. Embrace the spirit of the new year (its too late to drink it anyways!) and leave some comments wishing me well. Go on, don’t be a stingy Scrooge. And survive this year too! 🙂

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