Post A Day 2011

So, if you happen to be one of the two people who read my blog, then you will know that I had vowed to pay more attention to the blog this year when I made my laundry list of new year’s resolutions! But little did I know then that the awesome folks over at would make it so much easier for me! I know, I am an ardent blogger, but thanks to my work schedule, I tend to go on prolonged periods, where, for days together, I end up not even logging in to my blog! So, I had a reader advice me to schedule posts, and though that seems like an awesome idea, again, it has its limitations for me, mainly because I end up writing my posts in several bits, mostly using Windows Live Writer when I am offline. The problem is, I do not think there is a scheduling system here!


But anyways, I am at least trying to make up for the lack of daily posts by writing more on the days I actually do get time. Now, this is not like NaNoWriMo where I can spew 50,000 words of crap and the world does not need to be any wiser. Here, my content is out there for everyone to see, read, and worse, judge! So, I feel a little uncomfortable with the notion of writing in everyday (I am mainly scared of the amount of shit that I shall be generating!). But then again, the counter argument is that the more I write, I better I am supposed to get. So, hopefully, with this Post A Day thing this year, I will improve on my writing skills and also, manage to connect with some bloggers who are on the same wavelength as me!

I could have taken the Post a Week 2011 challenge, but I do that (and more) anyways, and honestly, it was not too much of a challenge for me anyways. So, here it goes: the first of the (at least) 365 posts that I am supposed to write this year.

Wish you a happy new year. Be prepared to read a crap load of, well, crap, here in the days to come!Heady stuff!


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