Recalled Questions 11-20: AIPGMEE 2011

Prior list of recalled questions:

Q. 1 – 10

11. Which of the following is used to measure the skewedness of data? [BIOSTATISTICS/PREVENTIVE AND SOCIAL MEDICINE]

a. (mean-mode)/standard deviation

b. (mode-mean)/standard deviation

c. standard deviation

d. mean/standard deviation

12. Right Isomerism is associated with which of the following: [EMBRYOLOGY/ANATOMY]

a. Asplenia

b. Polysplenia

c. One spleen

d. Two Spleens

13. Which of the drugs, when administered in high dosages, requires alkalinization of the urine? [PHARMACOLOGY]

a. Cytosine Arabinoside

b. Methotrexate

c. Cisplatin

d. Ifosfamide

14. Pain sensation from the ethmoidal sinuses are carried by which of the following nerves? [ANATOMY]

a. Frontal nerve

b. Lacrimal nerve

c. ?Infratrochlear nerve

d. Nasociliary nerve

15. When the Anesthesiology resident is administering epidural block to a patient, she suddenly becomes aphonic and loses consciousness. Which of the following may have happened? [ANESTHESIOLOGY]

a. Total Spinal

b. Anaphylactic reaction

c. Vasovagal attack

d. Intravenous Injection

16. Growth plate is an example of: [ANATOMY]

a. Primary cartilaginous joint

b. Secondary cartilaginous joint

c. Plane joint

d. Fibrous joint

17. All of the following are supplied by the anterior division of the Mandibular nerve except: [ANATOMY]

a. Lateral Pterygoid

b. Medial Pterygoid

c. Temporalis

d. Masseter

18. All of the following are pneumatic bones except: [ANATOMY]

a. Frontal

b. Ethmoidal

c. Maxilla

d. Mandible

19. Total parenteral nutrition consists of all of the following except: [PHARMACOLOGY]

a. Carbohydrates

b. Fibres

c. Micronutrients

d. Lipids

20. A premature baby, born at 33 weeks of gestation, weighing 1500 gms, and with stable vitals should be started on: [PEDIATRICS]

a. Nil per oral, IV Fluids

b. Total Parenteral Nutrition

c. IV Fluids and Oral feeding

d. Nasogastric feeding/Alternate oral route


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