Recalled Questions 21-30: AIPGMEE 2011

Q. 1 – 10

Q. 11 – 20


21. A patient is placed in a full body plethysmograph and is breathing out against a closed glottis. What will happen to the pressure in the lungs and the box? [PHYSIOLOGY]

a. Increase

b. Decrease

c. Increase in lungs, decrease in box

d. Decrease in lungs, increase in box

22. Cavitation is seen in which of the following type of Pneumonia? [MICROBIOLOGY/MEDICINE]

a. Staphylococcal pneumonia

b. Tuberculous pneumonia

c. Streptococcal pneumonia

d. Mycoplasma  pneumonia

23. A recently diagnosed hypertensive is on Lithium for bipolar disorder. Which of the following antihypertensives should be avoided in order to prevent the precipitation of Lithium Toxicity? [PHARMACOLOGY]

a. Diuretics

b. Beta blockers

c. Clonidine

d. Calcium Channel Blockers

24. Which of the following organs obtained from a cadaver is not used for transplantation? [SURGERY]

a. Bladder

b. Blood Vessels

c. Lung

d. Liver

25. What is the most common cause of premature deaths in patients of schizophrenia? [PSYCHIATRY]

a. Suicide

b. Homicide

c. Hospital acquired infections

d. Drug related side effects

26. A patients with a solitary kidney is seen to have a 4 cm exophytic mass on the lower pole. What is the best mode of management of the case? [SURGERY]

a. Partial nephrectomy

b. Observation

c. Total nephrectomy with immediate renal transplantation

d. Total nephrectomy with hemodialysis

27. Necrotizing lymphadenitis is seen in: [MEDICINE]

a. Kimura’s disease

b. Kikuchi’s disease

c. Castleman’s disease

d. Hodgkin’s disease

28. NARP syndrome is a kind of: [MEDICINE]

a. Mitochondrial disorder

b. Glycogen Storage Disorder

c. Lipid storage disorder

d. ?Lysosomal disorder

29. Which of the following is a hallmark of acute inflammation? [PATHOLOGY]

a. Stasis

b. Vasoconstriction

c. Vasodilatation with increased permeability

d. Leucocytic margination

30. All of the following decrease bone resorption as a mechanism of treatment of osteoporosis except: [PHARMACOLOGY]

a. Alendronate

b. Etidronate

c. Strontium

d. Teriparatide


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