Recalled Questions 31-40: AIPGMEE 2011

Q. 1 – 10

Q. 11 – 20

Q. 21 – 30

31. The antifungal drug causes deficiency of which if the following cations: [PHARMACOLOGY]

a. Sodium

b. Calcium

c. Potassium

d. Magnesium

32. Injury to common “personal” [typo in paper!] nerve will cause all except: [ANATOMY]

a. Foot drop

b. Loss of dorsiflexion of toe

c. Loss of sensation of sole of foot

d. Is most commonly cause by fracture of the neck of fibula

33. Which of the following is commonly known as “rave” drug: [FORENSIC MEDICINE]

a. Ecstasy

b. Heroin

c. ?Methadone

d. ?Cocaine

34. Which of the following is not used as a treatment for Alcohol withdrawal: [PHARMACOLOGY]

a. Flumazenil

b. Acamprosate

c. Disulfiram

d. Naltrexone

35. What is the commonest fungal infection in non-HIV infected (immunocompetent) hosts? [MICROBIOLOGY]

a. ?Mucor

b. Cryptococcus

c. Aspergillus

d. Candida

36. All of these are definitive airways except: [ANESTHESIOLOGY]

a. Orotracheal intubation

b. Nasotracheal intubation

c. LMA (Laryngeal Mask Airway)

d. Cricothyroidotomy

37. Which of the following is not a cause of primary amenorrhea? [GYNECOLOGY]

a. Rokitansky Syndrome

b. Turner Syndrome

c. Sheehan’s Syndrome

d. Kallmann Syndrome

38. A primigravida at 37 weeks of gestation has mild uterine contractions for the past 10 hours, but the cervix is not effaced and is dilated only 1 cm. What is the appropriate manner of management of the case? [OBSTETRICS]

a. Observation and sedation

b. Immediate Cesarean Section

c. Amniotomy

d. Oxytocin Infusion

39. A 50 year old man becomes suddenly aphonic while having dinner and is brought to the emergency room with complaints of severe respiratory difficulty. What should be the next step of management? [EMERGENCY MEDICINE]

a. Cricothyroidotomy

b. Heimlich’s Maneuver

c. Emergency Tracheostomy

d. Humidified Oxygen inhalation

40. What is the most common tumor associated with neurofibromatosis in children?

a. Juvenile Myelomonocytic Leukemia

b. Acute Myeloid Leukemia

c. Acute Monocytic Leukemia

d. ?Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia


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