Recalled Questions 41-50: AIPGMEE 2011

Q. 1 – 10

Q. 11 – 20

Q. 21 – 30

Q. 31 – 40

41. Deoxygenated blood flows through all of these, except:

a. Umbilical Artery

b. Umbilical vein

c. Pulmonary Artery

d. Right Ventricle

42. Which is the best way to monitor intraoperative myocardial ?infarction/?ischemia?

a. Transesophageal Echocardiogram

b. Electrocardiogram

c. SpO2

d. Intra-arterial monitoring of blood pressure

43. Best test for estimation of HCG:

a. Radioimmunoassay

b. Bioassay


d. Latex Agglutination Test

44. Which of the following is not a Prion disease:

a. Tuberculosis

b. Creutzfeld Jacob Disease

c. Cystic Fibrosis

d. Alzheimer’s Disease

45. Most common tumor causing superior vena cava syndrome:

a. Lymphoma

b. Metastatic lesions

c. Small Cell carcinoma

d. Non Small Cell Carcinoma

46. Multiple Sebaceous tumors is a feature of:

a. Gardner’s Syndrome

b. Turcot’s Syndrome

c. Muir Torre Syndrome

d. Cowden’s Syndrome

47. Posterior relations of the head of the pancreas is all except:

a. Common bile duct

b. First part of duodenum

c. Inferior Vena cava

d. Right Crus of diaphragm

48. A 62 year old lady complains of pain in the knee joint. Weight bearing radiographs show grade III osteoarthritis of knee joint. What is the best modality of treatment?

a. Conservative

b. Total knee replacement’

c. Partial Knee replacement

d. Arthroscopic wash out

49. In case of fire in during vocal cord surgery by laser, all of the following should be done except:

a. Stopping anesthetic gas supply and supplying oxygen

b. Removing the Endotracheal tube which is on fire

c. Flooding the oropharyngeal field with sterile water

d. Putting the patient on prophylactic antibiotics

50. Which of the following anesthetic agent has epileptogenic potential?

a. Sevoflurane

b. Ether

c. Halothane

d. ?Desflurane

That is about all the questions I could recall with all the four options. I have recalled 70+ others with 3 or lesser options. I will post them as and when I get more time. But that seems unlikely, given the fact that the compulsory 24 hour window that I allow myself to mope over a screwed up test is over and it is time to go on the move to start working on the next exam: the state entrance, which is bearing down at the rate of knots.

Sigh. The days ahead are going to be rough riding…

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