Blog Buddies: How is it Working Out For You?

Its been over a week since Scott over at Daily Post announced the blog buddy issue. I jumped in headlong and managed to garner a lot of friends. And since I am a bit of a number cruncher (blame the amateur researcher in me), I decided to see how it has been going for me. Thanks to the awesome statistics tool that gives us for free, I managed to look up several rather gratifying sets of data and came to the conclusion:

It is working out REAL well for me.

So, here’s a look at the daily page views graph. Its quite startling, really!


Now, two things happened on January 9, which propelled my blog to a surprising level of popularity.

  1. I took the All India Post Graduate Medical Entrance Examination
  2. I went out there on Daily Post, looking for blog buddies, and made a truck load of friends.

Now, as a result of the former, I started posting the examination questions which I could recall. In the immediate post-examination period, they were a HUGE hit since a lot of people were trying to look for questions from the examination in order to either assess how they had done and/or obtain some masochistic pleasure. I had realized that these posts would be drawing a lot of people (though I did not even dream that there would be that many people interested in reading them!) and so, in a sly but SEO-masterstroke, I decided to break them up in posts of 10 questions each. I ended up recalling 50 questions complete with the 4 options each, and about 70 more with one or two options. I decided to post the 50 questions in 5 installments of 10 questions each. The popularity of the 5 posts put together was unimaginable. 🙂

Though the former gave me a lot of page views, they were not LOYAL viewers: they read the post, then vamoosed without even stopping by to say thanks! There were 3 exceptions and I must say I was struck by their politeness and courtesy. The latter, on  the other hand, became a veritable mine of feedback.

I have some 20 blog buddies: from different walks of life, from different educational, cultural and social backgrounds. I loved the fact that though their blogs were not very closely related to mine, they took time out to read my posts, comment on them and link back to them. I had actual, tangible readers for the first time. I had started blogging for about 6 weeks, and it was intoxicating to see people actually read, like or comment on my posts.

I am trying to give back to them too. In my own way. i would like to say this to my faithful blog buddies: Since I do a lot of the blog reading when I am on the move, via my email or RSS feeds, I may not be appreciating your work publicly. But know this: I love what you all are doing. Posting regularly, fighting the challenges of life, and all the while showing me, as a person, a lot of support and love. I promise you, I will review your blogs and (mercilessly?) analyze ALL your posts in a post solely dedicated to you. I know it is going to take some time, but I will do it. On a related note, I am going to review dePressed next. If you wannabe the one after that, drop in a comment.

In conclusion, I think the timely combination of contemporary posts with optimum “exploitation” of the concept of getting blog buddies has really worked well for my blog. How did it go for you? Let us all know! 🙂

11 thoughts on “Blog Buddies: How is it Working Out For You?

  1. Mine dramatically rose as well, but was a bit lower lately, probably because of my semi-inactivity XD

    Good to see that it works out very well for you :]


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