Lady Gaga – House MD Mashup!

Yeah, you don’t usually juxtapose those two characters together quite often, now, do you? So, I unearthed this rather popular Youtube channel managed by NCISMelanie, who makes mashup videos of NCIS and House MD set to tunes of different popular songs. Here is one absolutely thrilling one:

I do not intend to promote piracy and copyright infringement or anything like that. But honest to God, this NCISMelanie is not just another ripper-offer. She (I assume its a SHE) really puts a lot of time and energy into her videos and seriously, she has some real editing talent. Take a look at the other video which had me in raptures:

Please don’t sue me for copyright infringement or anything like that. I am just linking to some random vidz I loved! 🙂 Don’t take this too seriously, I guess!

2 thoughts on “Lady Gaga – House MD Mashup!

    1. Thanks for checking them out. I suggest you have a look at the other vidz she’s made. She’s got some serious talent man!

      On another note, what’s with the silence over at your blog? Long time no posts!


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