A Test of Character

I had another examination today. As the readers of my blog probably know, I am working and simultaneously studying to get into a post graduate degree course in Medicine. Now I will write more on that later, because, for the time being, I just had an epithet regarding the Indian post grad medical examination system: It is more of a test of character than a test of knowledge and understanding of medicine.


Goes without saying that my examination went pretty badly. Although it sounds remarkably like an excuse (and it most probably is, too!), it is pretty difficult to balance work and studying for any competitive examination at the same time. However, I did have ample time on my hands, and I just did not apply myself in the best and most efficient manner.

Anyways. After the examination got over (BTW, I have managed to recall some 120 odd questions, about half of which have all 4 options, or at least 3 of the given 4, as far as I remembered them. I will soon be posting them here, in blocks of 10, as is the wont) I was a bit flustered at my really awful show. As I walked out, and headed for my car, I just wanted to sample how the others had fared. That was, of course, a mixed bag. There were the slackers, like me. The ones who brushed me off like I was some kind of worm (they were mostly the pretty chicks group!). The ones who held their cards close to their chest. And of course, there had to be the ones who were boasting their asses off, making other less well-prepped people like me feel like shit. And then, there was this quiet guy, slinking away off on his own. When I asked him how his effort went, he coolly replied it was everything his preparations had armed him for. Slightly taken aback by his air of cool confidence, I had to admire the way he carried himself. Then I asked him how he’d prepared for this, hooping to pick up a few tips for next time around. And he was quite honest enough to give honest replies to my questions.

He contented that there would always be some questions which no one would quite get the hang of. They were up to chance. But for them, most others depended on how well, or how poorly one had prepared.

He had been studying at a stretch for the past 8 months for 12 hours a day, and had managed to answer around 80% of the questions confidently. And some 10% more on which he was on the fence.

Quite impressive. If I have to do what this guy has done, well, I need to really start building up for it, because when it comes to the exam-related preparations, I am a bit of a sprinter than a marathoner.


Now do you understand why this post is called what it is?

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