WBPGMAT 2011: Recalled Questions 21-30

Q. 1 – 10

Q. 11 – 20

21. Folic acid supplementation to prevent developmental anomalies in the fetus is best started in: [Obstetrics]

a. 1st trimester

b. 2nd trimester

c. 3rd trimester

d. At the onset of labor

22. In which stage of inhalational anesthesia is the placement of endotracheal intubation done during general anesthesia? [Anesthesiology]

a. Stage III Plane 1

b. Stage III Plane 2

c. Stage III Plane 3

d. Stage III Plane 4

23. What is the surest way of confirming that an endotracheal tube is placed correctly and not inserted into the esophagus? [Anesthesiology]

a. CO2 concentration 0f the air exhaled in the endotracheal tube

b. Sudden fall of oxygen saturation on pulse oxymetry

c. Chest movements with respiration

d. Seeing the tube passing through the glottis

24. In females ureteric colic maybe referred to [Anatomy]

a. Groin

b. Clitoris

c. Labia Majora

d. Inguinal region

25. A new born with poor feeding and bilious vomiting is shown to have double bubble sign on radiography. What is the most likely diagnosis? [Radiology]

a. Annular Pancreas

b. Duodenal atresia

c. Intestinal volvulus

d. ?Intestinal obstruction

26. Which of the following enzyme levels is least appropriate to evaluate hepatocellular injury? [Biochemistry]

a. AST

b. ALT

c. LDH (M4)

d. CK (MB)

27. A 27 year old make presents with a painless, non tender mass on the testis. He is seen to have raised levels of alpha fetoprotein and beta HCG. What is the most likely diagnosis? [Medicine]

a. Seminoma

b. Teratoma

c. Varicocele

d. ?Hydrocele

28. In a case of carcinoma of the cheeck (typo in paper!), which of the following is the most appropriate agent for single agent chemotherapy? [Oncology]

a. Daouxorubicin (another typo! Looks like they were caught in two minds, between doxorubicin and daunorubicin!)

b. Cyclophosphamide

c. ?Cisplatin

d. ?Vincristine

29. Which of the following is the most widely used radiosensitizer? [Oncology]

a. Cisplatin

b. Paclitaxel

c. Gemcitabine

d. ?

30. In a patient with drug resistant pitting edema with renal failure, which of the following is the drug of choice to relieve the edema? [Medicine/Pharmacology]

a. Indapamide

b. Amiloride

c. ?Frusemide

d. Spironolactone


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