PLoS vs Nature: The Open Access Showdown

So, remember, a few days ago I had talked about the launch of an Open Access journal from the NPG stable? If you were too busy having a life, go, check out the post here. Anyways, in what seems like an almost sarcastic repetition of history, PLoS welcomes the latest addition to the OA field. … Continue reading PLoS vs Nature: The Open Access Showdown

Blog Buddies: How is it Working Out For You?

Its been over a week since Scott over at Daily Post announced the blog buddy issue. I jumped in headlong and managed to garner a lot of friends. And since I am a bit of a number cruncher (blame the amateur researcher in me), I decided to see how it has been going for me. … Continue reading Blog Buddies: How is it Working Out For You?

Readability of My Blog

Well, I just stumbled across an article outlining how to tweak Google search in order to find out the readability of your blog. Here are the steps: Go to (obviously!). Click on Advanced Search which is located to the right of the search input box. When the customization page opens, go down to where … Continue reading Readability of My Blog

Who Will Guard the Guardians?

In a grove of trees in the grounds of the National Academy of Sciences in Washington, DC, is a statue in memory of Albert Einstein. On it are engraved three of his sayings. One reads: “The right to search for truth implies also a duty; one must not conceal any part of what one has … Continue reading Who Will Guard the Guardians?

Blogging Styles Analyzed

What is your personal blogging style by Dr Shock MD PhD is a refreshing take on a contentious issue. He has brought to the notice of the science bloggers of actual hard research which takes a look at blogging styles. If you are interested in reading about the original paper or want a link to … Continue reading Blogging Styles Analyzed