My Blogger Buddy: Stacey from Walk A Mile In My Shoes

So, I started doing this series where I end up reviewing my blog buddies from Daily Post and send them some link love and search engine love, hopefully propelling them towards the top of the Google ladder. I had reviewed my very first blog buddy Casey here as the opening post in this review series. … Continue reading My Blogger Buddy: Stacey from Walk A Mile In My Shoes

Of Boobs, Babes and the JAMA

This post was selected by Dr. Peter Janiszewski, who blogs at Obesity Panacea and Science of Blogging, and is also the Editor of the Health and Medicine segment of Research Blogging to be an Editor's Selection post. Click on the logo alongside to see the other posts that made it to the front page that day!   I … Continue reading Of Boobs, Babes and the JAMA

A Wonderful Presentation: The Gatekeeper is Dead

This presentation by Cameron Neylon is about using filters in publication and I came across it via a link posted on Fenner's blog on PLoS One. I must say that although a lot of what it says does not affect me in any direct manner, I feel this is an exquisite presentation. In fact, this … Continue reading A Wonderful Presentation: The Gatekeeper is Dead

Students Forever? No Longer!

I am an avid reader of the Health Policy and Reform blog of the NEJM and believe that they should enable the commenting system on the site to allow bidirectional interaction, much like BMJ and its Rapid Responses. So, this week’s NEJM came with an article which piqued me greatly: Residents: Workers or Students in … Continue reading Students Forever? No Longer!

Guys With BIG Feet…

So, SciCurious over at Neurotic Physiology on Scientopia has the weirdest and most hilarious of studies up for Weird Science for Fridays. Check out this post. Another fascinating blog to add to my rolls! For many a man did they knowwho oft wished his shoe size would growCause as everyone “knows”From the heel to the … Continue reading Guys With BIG Feet…