The King’s Speech

Colin Firth’s speech for being adjudged the Best Actor this time around at the Academy Awards for, guess what, The King’s Speech. Here’s a dash of the man and his words:

KVPY: 10 Tips to Succeed!

So it seems like I am on a reblogging roll today! This time I resurrect another one of my favorite and popular post from my long dead old blog pointing out the 10 virtues of a research project which may help you to get selected for the Interview stage. When you get there, do read … Continue reading KVPY: 10 Tips to Succeed!

The Final Frontier: Acing the KVPY Interviews

So, yet another repost of a popular article from my now fossilized old blog. I was getting a lot of questions regarding how to handle the KVPY Interviews and how to write a project report that gets the approval of the same. So, I decided to go ahead and repost those articles so that at … Continue reading The Final Frontier: Acing the KVPY Interviews

Power to Akshaya Patra

I attended the Indiblogger #Indical bloggers meet up a few days ago and I thought that I would work on spreading the word of this worthy cause. In the light of the said commitment, I decided to do some guest blogging (Thanks Bassy at Between the Lines) on this topic. Go to the post undermentioned … Continue reading Power to Akshaya Patra

Another Brick in the Wall

This is a repost from my old blog. Something happened today morning to remind me of the fact that as medical students we go through some of the worst times in our lives, and it never pays to give up in the struggle for life. I am trying to mask the identities and changing the … Continue reading Another Brick in the Wall