7th Annual Medical Weblogs Awards by Medgadgets: I’m A Finalist

I know. I can hardly believe it myself. All these days I have read Medgadget I hoped what it would be like to be one of the winners, to write that thank you post, blahblahblah… I know every MedBlogger has thought of it at least once.

And now against all odds, I am on the final list! I know. Take a look.

I have been selected for the Best New Medical Weblog (Established in 2010) category. The fact that I started blogging only in the middle of November and yet managed to get selected is in itself a huge award for me. Thanks! πŸ™‚

I am in august company. In fact, some of the bloggers I am slated to “compete” with are also some of my favorite medical bloggers. Here’s the whole list:

  • Best New Medical Weblog (established in 2010)

  • Celebrity Diagnosis Professional Edition

    The Future Well


    Wellness Rounds


    I think ZDoggMD is an awesome blogger. An awesome sense of humor, pop-savviness, a cool attitude mark him to be unique in the medblogger world, which has been traditionally described (by my non-medical friends whom I forced into reading blogs) as boring, formal and stuffy!

    Voting starts on 3rd February, and I know I have had HUGE good luck to have made it this far, but still, if you are reading this, I am requesting you to send me a vote. πŸ™‚ Can’t wait for the elections to start!


    Back to regular posting from the next post onwards! HeyHO!

    21 thoughts on “7th Annual Medical Weblogs Awards by Medgadgets: I’m A Finalist

      1. Thanks! The voting is open, btw, so feel free to vote for me! πŸ™‚ Being a little blunt on that, eh? Hope you get outta that awful OBGYN rotation soon man!


    1. Dude, congrats on your nomination, your blog is the bomb! And thanks for the undeserved kind words about my sad efforts…although untrue they are still appreciated. In all honesty, I’m voting for you homie! Anything to shaft Celebrity Diagnosis! Just kidding…I don’t want to wake up with a celebrity head in my bed. Congrats again.


      1. Oh c’mon! I am lucky to be on that list and I am sane enough to know that. The real battle is between you and Celebrity Dx!

        I wish you all the best, keep entertaining us with your so-called sad efforts!

        Kinda overwhelmed to have you comment on the blog though!


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