Blogging Summary: And A Shout Out For My Blog Buddies!

So I have been doing this blog buddy thing that the good folks over at The Daily Post suggested at the beginning of the year. But given how crazy my last fortnight was, I have ended up ignoring them for the whole time. So, when I managed to free up today morning, I decided to read through all the posts that I was supposed to read from before! I get email subscriptions from all of them, see!

Now that THAT is done, this post from the Daily Post caught my eye.

How have I done with the Post A Day challenge? I could not post every day, as I knew  beforehand. So, my plan of making multiple posts on the days I was free and had some time worked well. In the month of January, I ended up writing 52 posts in total! Something to the tune of 1.7 posts per day! Nearly double the number of posts that I had aimed for! Now that’s good going!

However, I had promised that I would be reviewing the blogs of my blog buddies. I have done Stacey and Casey (hey!) before. And today, I plan to do dePressed. Seeing how she has been churning out SO MANY posts of late, it is going to take some time, but hey, better late than never, eh!

And finally, the crowning glory in my short two-and-a-half months of blogging was getting shortlisted as one of the finalists in the Best New Medical Weblog (Established in 2010) category for MedGadget’s Medical Weblog Awards. It is the Oscar of Medical Blogging. I am simply blown over by the fact that they found my blog to be worthy! I was so intoxicated with the joy of being selected that I initially did not notice that one of my most favorite blogs, Life in the Fast Lane was not on the list. There were, however, several other blog which I totally love: ZDoggMD being one of them (that he was selected in the same categories as me does NOT help!). EmCrit Blog by Scott Weingart is like the Avatar of the Medical Blogging world. He was selected in multiple categories and is one of the candidates I am rooting for.

There are several other blogs that I just love and adore on the list, so I was thinking of doing maybe a series on them (not that any of them need my approval)!

Now the thing is, now that I am on the final list, I gotta do something which I really despise: toot my horn. I know an all out “marketing campaign” to get me votes is unethical, I think, but then again: just how cool would it be to win!

I don’t know. I guess I am asking you, my faithful blog buddies, to help me in this run for glory! I know I may not have been there for your blogs the last couple of weeks, but trust me, whenever I get time (like now), I try to make up for it!

Anyways. Vote for me when the booths open on the 3rd. Or not. But be sure to vote, because your vote counts! 😉

And dePressed, get ready, you’re next in line!

8 thoughts on “Blogging Summary: And A Shout Out For My Blog Buddies!

  1. I’m looking forward to your review of dePressed’s blog…she has some great posts! and I will be sure to vote, but I am terrible at remembering things, so maybe shoot me a reminder 😉


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