My Blogger Buddy: Lisa from My Life dePressed

Hey there. Your turn. At last!

So I had bumped her for Stacey because I remembered an awesome number by the Fountains of Wayne. Flimsy excuse, I know! But don’t you worry Lis, I got an equally embarrassing but funky music vid for you: you can’t take umbrage though! 😉 She is one of my Blog buddies and has mentioned me numerous times on her blog (BTW, I got on her second list of B’Buddies, I couldn’t make the cut in the first one!). And like me, she is doing the Post a Day challenge, too!

So, Lisa is a thirty something mom of two, who has been twice divorced, with both her marriages ending because of infidelity. Her about page is  so frank and honest, that it even touches the hardened heart of skeptics like me! She lives in Arizona and is in a relationship with imPressed who appear to be a kind and sensitive person (except on the days when Lisa is super-pissed). She adores her daughters, opPressed (15 years) and permaPressed (10 years) and they try their best to act all adolescent-ey and make her life, in general, awesome (which makes great blog-fodder, if you know what I mean!).

dePressed and imPressed are united by their common hatred of visiting doctors when sick (hey guys, we gotta pay the bills too, eh!). And honey, cough syrup and rum? Seriously? I don’t think even crazy junkie-heads would be that crazy! Although in this insightful post she delves a little into introspection, I hate her for reminding me about the Britney Spears damnation called Crossroads. [Note: I did not know what Zoloft was and had to Google it (1. I do not prescribe Psych drugs, not being anywhere near that specialty 2. trade names vary in India!).] Her frank admission about her emotional turmoil is touching (of course, it took me about 5 minutes to get the image of the Brit Spe movie outta my head!). Read this post: it definitely is one of my most favorite posts on her blog (despite the Britney shit!).

She is not a new blogger though. Here she explains about her old blog. I especially enjoyed how she articulates the fears that every new blogger has! She stopped blogging in March 2009 after her Grandma passed away. She restarted on WordPress at the fag end of December 2010, and in an interesting post, describes how it has been somewhat of a cathartic experience for her.

I’m glad that I have taken the time to start a new blog on a new host site because I think it gives me a fresh perspective on what I want to accomplish and where I see myself going.  I really love just sitting here typing and letting the words flow.  It feels good to put down in writing what’s happened today or what I’m feeling.  While I don’t think it is a replacement for interaction in real life – it feels good to know that I have a place that is my own – that I can come to and write without feeling like the thoughts I am having are stupid or mundane.

It piques the interest of the medic in me. Can blogging be somehow used as a medium for behavioral therapy? I know of friends who have used Facebook as a motivational tool to quit smoking. Could this be something like virtually augmented cognitive behavioral therapy? Something to look into PubMed when I manage some free time. Talking of Facebook, she seems to have a beef with us Zucker-suckers. She speaks of some friend of hers whose girl dumped him because of his pot-smoking ways and how he was lashed at by some other friends. Whilst she does not spill the dirt, which I’d like to read, I kinda agree with her, albeit reluctantly. Facebook is a sword that cuts both ways. There will always be some people who’ll grind their axes, and let out their frustrations at you. If you are not up for taking it all in, well, then don’t voyeurize your life. There will ALWAYS be some sicko with no life, no job, no shot, who’ll want to troll up your updates. Don’t feed them.

Facebook is like firearms. They don’t kill people. People do.

She faces the writers block like all us amateur bloggers, but is brave enough to be able to face up to it (and at the same time, fulfill the day’s quota of blogging: very devious ma’am!). One thing I share with her is the sense of grief and loss when some blogger whom I love reading closes shop. Whilst in her case it was a blogger called Ashley who wrote about having to put up her baby for adoption, in my case it was Doc Rob.

One thing I just do not get is why she lets her daughters carry mobiles to school (especially when they get caught using it?). Surely, when SHE herself went to school, she didn’t need one. This is one of my pet peeves: these days inventions and technology have made slaves out of us. In my world, it translates to the overuse of investigations and testing. Although most patients feel reassured when they are sent in for a paninvestigram,  what they do not understand is that in most cases they do not need it. They become burdens on the state and national economy and account for a lot of wasted tax money which may have been better employed elsewhere. This also means that doctors who have to order a bunch of tests anyways, start bothering lesser and lesser about the art of medical diagnosis. Physical examination and history taking are relegated to the backgrounds. All we gotta do is wait for the reports to turn up, and hey bingo! DIAGNOSIS!

Umm… where was I again?

Anyways. She claims that Captain Morgan is her BFF! And take her well honed advice on this:

Now I know two things – one it has to be Orignal Spiced Rum by Captain Morgan – two – diet coke just don’t mix – must be regular Coke – not generic – but the red can Coke.

She is obsessed with the Weight Watchers Food program and keeps posting about them. Whilst I agree that it is a healthy thing, but she takes this to another level where she awards food points and writes them with a sharpie on the food cans and calculates how much she’s guzzled all day! How much is Captain Morgan’s again? 😉

Her obsession with weight reminded me of an old-ish rap song, kinda offensive and stuff, but I have decided to post in one (at least) offensive to mildly irritating song with every blogger buddy review post (some song that I might have been reminded of in course of reading through their blog). Here is yours, Lisa, as I had promised at the very beginning!

This is inspired with the obsessive healthy eating that you do, which I feel a little jealous about!

(Hope I did not hurt anyone’s sensibilities. Folks, this is just a joke!)

Talking of obsessions, Lisa has one which even she knows is weird: Scratching. Umm… before you go thinking up stuff, let me clarify: scratch tickets is what she likes scratching. She buys them whenever she manages to scrounge some change. She should start writing a tab of it. She’s started with a $15 win and hopes that someday she’ll hit the $50,000 jackpot. So keep scratching hun!

I should have read this post a few months earlier (would have saved me some messed up relationships!). I know, guys are really retarded when it comes to understand chick-speak. Thanks for the ready reckoner! If it was not for her, I would have never realized that they have power cuts in the USA as well. Whilst I was mildly amused to read her post telling us how pissed she was because of this, I was wondering what she’d have done if she were to be here, in India, where power outages are a way of life. But, to be honest, this has not been much of an issue of late. Guess that is one of the advantages of an upcoming election, eh?

This post on her blog disturbed me no ends. imPressed’s son from a previous marriage (not biological, adopted, I guess), is all of 23 years of age and has 3 kids and their mother, who doesn’t appear to give a damn about them. I come from a very tightly nit family, and I cannot imagine that kind of thing. Whilst Lisa did the good thing by taking the kids in for a day when the chips were really down, she states some stuff which is really horrific. The kids did not ask to be brought into this world. Their parents brought them in, and now, not to take proper care of them is a criminal offence. I meet deprived kids as a part of some outreach work I do pro bono and I have seen that they are very sweet people, who ask for nothing but a little love. And care. I have been told horrific stories about how these kids get abused and how they lose their childhood innocence even before they get to know it well. And all because their parents were irresponsible. Lisa’s post shows her compassion and kindness, but somehow, I find it disturbing that the 23 year old fellow, literally a kid himself, has to bring up 3 children almost on his own. I wish him, and pray that he gets his act straight. At least for the sake of the kids. I know it is none of my business butting in, and I am sorry if I seem intrusive, but I just cannot take it when I see or hear about kids suffering!

Anyways. Now for the technical analysis of her blog!

She has a wonderful header which her daughter photographed and fit in. But her sidebars are a little bare. I am given to understand she tweets. She should have her twitter account integrated there. She does not have a recent post, recent comment widget working. I can’t say I am a big fan of the drop down archives list (mainly because I love seeing a temporal trend of how the person has been posting). Also she does not show off her blog stats – something I obsess over a lot. She uses the TwentyTen theme which is, by far, one of the best wordpress themes out there, in my opinion. I think she should also add her Facebook profile on her sidebar so that we may connect with her!

I will be honest here. When I first blog friended her, read the dubious title of the blog, read of her Zoloft subscription, I was worried I was going to have a blogger buddy who blogs about dark, brooding stuff (or worse, does not blog at all!). But I was proved wrong very quickly. She is a wonderful writer. There’s a fluidity about her writing which I enjoy very much. She is funny. Loving. Caring. She is the kind of person I would love to be actually friends with in real life.

Here is a gift for her from her own blog!


6 thoughts on “My Blogger Buddy: Lisa from My Life dePressed

  1. Thanks for the review – very fair and honest – and the song choice was not bad – you could have done worse – LOL

    I really appreciate the review – should I do one for you now?


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