Polling Open for The MedBlog Oscars at MedGadget

So remember how I have been talking of being selected in the best New Medical Weblog category in the Oscar of the Medical Weblogs over at MedGadget? Well, polling has started now!

You can vote for my particular category here.

I have a bit of a head start thanks mainly to the fact that I coerced a few friends and family to vote for me. But now that the US is waking up, and going online, I guess bigger bloggers like Celebrity and ZDoggMD will soon pass me by.

But I must say beyond winning or stuff, the honor of being considered worthy to be in the final list is more overwhelming. As any sane blogger will say, new blogs face great difficulty in finding an audience. Thanks to MedGadget, I have received more recognition beyond my wildest dreams! Almost overnight, from being a blog which struggled to find readers, mine became one with at least 100 hits (although the Blogger Buddy challenge from Daily Post has much to do with it, I guess!) every day.

So, I know I won’t really win this one, not with Z and Medscape blogs breathing down my neck, but the honor has been worth it. Now that doesn’t excuse you from voting for me. Go. Vote for me. NOW. As the wise @Scanman has said:


Go. Vote. Now. Its going to take less than a minute!

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