Life, At Full Tilt!

The Goddess of Learning
Saraswati: Raja Ravi Verma

I am running off my feet with so many things going on in my life right now! Spent a marathon on call session in the hospital, then started to feel the twinge in the back that I get from time to time: undiagnosed upper back pain. Cramping. Killing.

Tremendous family complications going on as well! More on that in a later post. Probably. Love is a dangerous thing, eh?

Also, got to arrange the whole of Saraswati Puja, which is tomorrow, almost single handedly, since Dad is away at the factory with a lot on his hands. And Mom thinks I should put more effort into it seeing that I am awaiting my exam results! Ahem. 🙂 Don’t judge me, hey!

Fail Well: Homer (Ed Wheeler at DeviantArt)

Anyways. Meanwhile, on the blogging contest front, ZDoggMD is giving me a whipping: if anyone out there still cares for me, they better be voting for my blog here. I’m way behind the Zee at this point. sigh. And to add insult to injury, with all that is going on in my life, I forgot to pay my Internet bills, and so my broadband connection has been terminated (I am blogging this from a Cyber Cafe now: remember those things? Internet has become so ubiquitous eve in my neck of the woods, that I had to really go on a hunt to find one out!)! And since I use Windows Live Writer to blog, some of the posts I had planned for the Valentine’s Day special (which I started HERE) have been postponed for the time being. Massive Blogging #FAIL!

Speaking of Blogging, there’s going to be a bloggers meet up in Kolkata, organized by the Indiblogger blogging community. The details can be found here.

When & Where?

Sunday February 20, 2011 – 12:00 PM, Kolkata End Time: 5:00 PM Seats Available : 200

The Venue

DC-36, Sector – 1, Salt Lake City
Kolkata – 700 064

Landmark: Behind City Centre


It’s another MASSIVE IndiBlogger meet – and this time it’s at the awesome city of Kolkata! Our last meet at Kolkata was one of our favorites, and we’re thrilled to be back for more blogging camaraderie! 🙂


To be announced soon!

I signed up for it! And since this is my first Bloggers’ meet since I started blogging seriously, I am really looking forward to it!

And well, with everything that has been going on, I know I neglected my Blog and my Blog Buddies a bit: Once again, folks, I am sorry. Once I manage to wade through the immense pile of paperwork needed to get a reconnection, I will shower you all with love. Now, if you haven’t already voted for me at the MedGadget’s page, go now and vote for ME! And if you already have been kind enough to vote for me, then ask you friends, family and their pets to vote for me! 😉

So long folks!

9 thoughts on “Life, At Full Tilt!

  1. I just voted for you – didn’t even know you were in a blogging contest!

    No internet service – that has got to be the pits – because I know without my internet connection I would be going crazy. Just not having power for a day drove me crazy because I couldn’t get connected. Good thoughts to you for getting re-connected!

    I’ll continue to give you some link love this week – but without you being able to be online you may not see it – but it’s there.

    Best of luck in all you have to do – just reading your post made me tired!

    BTW – when are your exam results expected back?


  2. Have you turned your skeptic eye towards trigger point therapy? It may help with with your upper back pain — perhaps levator scapulae pain? I’m just a CMT, not a doctor but you could try some self administered deep tissue with a theracane or “ball against a wall.” Cheers!


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