House MD and the professional guinea pig (via Humanities and Health)

A very interesting post with a poignant question to round it off: A must read for all concerned with health policies and the like. Whilst this post is not intended to be an answer to the question raised here, I must say that someday I intend to come back to it and write about it, especially since this is one of the areas I am interested in.

Meanwhile, head over to Humanities and Health and read this very thought provoking article.

House MD and the professional guinea pig A portrait of a woman with a distorted facial perspective. What’s wrong with it? Nothing actually, if the painter were aiming at imitating a Picasso or Braque cubism style. Unfortunately, that is not the case, as the painter is aiming at representing reality “as it is” -whatever that means- and, most of all, at selling his portrait to the woman and her husband. Who -it goes without saying- are not satisfied at all with the distorted proportions c … Read More

via Humanities and Health

2 thoughts on “House MD and the professional guinea pig (via Humanities and Health)

  1. Hi there,
    The couple must not have been clear about whose reality they wanted the artist to create… very interesting topic.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog. Just to let you know that the blog hop is today and the links are on the post marked February 13th.


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