New Look: What Do You Think?

Now this post is yet another cry for help directed towards my (?regular) readers, especially my Blog Buddies!

Till yesterday, I was using the TwentyTen (now the WordPress default theme) with minimal changes to the default looks. Now I loved it because I am big on minimalism when it comes to my blog looks: a grunge or punk or emo look does not fit in with the feel of my blog, or so I think. Today, the WP guys announced the launch of a new theme which I quite liked: Duster.

So, I changed over to this theme. I especially liked the idea of having a homepage which served as somewhat of a magazine-like showcase (it has a featured post capability, which, for some reason, is not working on my blog for the time being).

Anyways, I am not a 100% sure if the switch was the best thing to do: so, here is my question: What do you think of it? Go crazy on PollDaddy!

So, what do you think? Blog buddies, help me out on this one please!