#IndiCal: The #AkshayPatra Kolkata IndiBlogger Meet

So, I have joined the Indian Blogging community at Indiblogger only recently but it seems like a real active group of people. The Indian Bloggers’ Meet is being organized by them, in collaboration with AkshayPatra near City Center on the 20th February, 2011. Here is the agenda: (I am copying this using the Windows Live Writer and it seems OK on the preview but I am not sure if the formatting will be retained on the blog: so, if things go askew, just check the offical declaration on the site!)



  Item By
1. IndiGraffiti Bloggers
2. Just The Beginning IndiBlogger Team
3. Introducing Akshaya Patra IndiBlogger Team
4. 30 Seconds of Fame Bloggers
5. Akshaya Patra Midday Meal Bloggers
6. Live & Let Comment Bloggers
7. IndiSurprise Somebody
8. IndiForum Redux Bloggers
9. Head home and keep blogging! Bloggers, auto drivers, etc.

I am looking forward to attend this one. What about you? If you are free on the 20th February, Sunday, why not come down for the day? It starts off at 1200 hours and is scheduled to close by 1700 hours! Check out their announcement on the offical Indiblogger blog. If you are sitting on the fence, reading this should surely tip you towards the side where we #IndiCal-ers lie in wait!

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