Another Reason to Love


I know you can cite several hundred reasons to LOVE (and also, correspondingly, to HATE), but I want to speak of one here from my personal experience.

As you may know, I have been debating the wisdom of changing the looks of my blog, and had created a poll to ask my readers what they thought of the new look of the blog. I changed the theme of the site to Duster, which shows a special home page, called the ShowCase where the latest posts and featured posts are hosted, along with some introductory babble.

However, when I first activated the theme, there were two things that I noticed straightaway:

1. The featured posts weren’t showing

2. When the headers only option was used (with no texts as the site header, kinda like I have now), the search box got in the way in a rather odd fashion.

The second issue did not perturb me as much as the first. Sure, the header would look a little crappy with the duplication of the name and the site tag, but what the heck, that isn’t a debilitating error. However, the first one bugged me no ends. One of the major reasons for me to change over to this theme was the Showcase option, and heck, it was not working properly. Now although I am no n00b when it comes to handling, I was still a little unsure: so I left a comment on the announcement page for Duster. I did not really expect anything to come out of that.

However, after a few hours of me posting the comment, there were a few other people who started saying the same thing. And Matias from came to our collective rescue. He wrote to me, and apologized for the error which was fixed and the homepage now looks awesome.

The prompt manner in which came to my rescue was a wonderful experience. Whilst I know I am not their biggest customer (yeah, with CNN, Time and Linkin’ Park blogging with, I’d have a real hard time trying to become their biggest blogger!), they made me feel like one with their prompt replies and good support. It is like that saying I heard about doctors from somewhere: A patient may or may not remember how good a doctor you were, but they will always remember how you made them feel…And today, made me feel big, cared for and welcome!

So, here’s one for and Matias. Keep rockin’ on, folks!

13 thoughts on “Another Reason to Love

  1. I too have always had good experiences with WordPress support. I can almost always find answers to my questions in the support forums, and the one or two times when I’ve had to submit a request to staff, they have been very prompt and responsive. I love WordPress!


  2. I am using the Duster template and like the simple look of it. I change it up on a regular basis when I need a new look. Or maybe it’s when I go to my closet and can’t find anything new, colorful, jazzy and alive … so instead I upgrade my template and feel that all is well. Ahhh.


  3. “And today, made me feel big, cared for and welcome!…”

    Asian massage parlors make me feel the same way!

    What did you NOT like about blogger that made you switch? I know you are trying to twist my arm on making the switch, but I don’t really have any complaints about blogger so its hard to justify it. Maybe you can point out some fatal flaws?


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