#IndiCal Blogger Meetup

I attended the Indiblogger meet up that was organized by Indiblogger in collaboration with Akshaya Patra and others in Kolkata, at the Suresh Neotia Center for Excellence in Leadership last Sunday. Here are some of the memories as captured by my Blogger Buddy Nipon, himself a doctor, with his mobicam.

DSC01558The meet was attended by 100 odd folks from various walks of life. From Sukanya, who had started blogging in 2003, to a guy who had started just 15 days ago, there was an entire spectrum of bloggers. The largest demography, it seemed, was the tech guys: mostly studying engineering in colleges in and around the city. There were a few professional tech folks, and some city-based eclectic bloggers. There were no sports bloggers or science bloggers (except for me, if  you consider mine to be a science blog!). My friend Nipon is also a tech blogger, though he is a doc, so he doesn’t really count. I had expected that all of the meet-ers would be young and college goers or recent grads. I was surprised to see some older bloggers (no offense please!). One who stood out was Mrs. Muffet, who started blogging after her daughter got married and left their “nest”. Then there was Vineet Arora, who distributed customized cards with the blog details on it. Guerilla marketing, as he put it. I had planned something like that, making a tee with the following message smeared on it:

scepticemia_t However, things did not quite work out for me mainly because I was stuck in the hospital for so long that I could not get it done on time. Anyways. As I was saying: the people were fantastic, and before we went to the meet, both Nipon and myself were concerned that it would be a “Guys Only” kinda thing, since girls, as we know, are mostly not the bloggy type! Surprisingly, we were proved to be wrong, since there were several representatives from the fairer sex and some of them clearly knew what they were after! So, in this session where we had to scribble comments on a sheet hung on everyone’s backs, this cute chica came up to me and asked for a comment, and the clever clusterbumbler that I am, I scribbled “Don’t turn your BACK on me”. Ahem. I know. A poor pun, hard to resist.

Some other, family-blogworthy, non-NSFW type puns I made were Back-alaureate of Medicine (on Nipon’s back, cause you see, he’s a doctor, a baccalaureate of medicine!), Servants of BACK-us (on Renie’s back, I think: Bacchus, the God of Booze, see!). OK. I’m stopping here. No need for the dirty looks.

DSC01561 DSC01563Although I believe I have fairly broad spectrum interests in Music, I somehow did not take much of a shine for the Five Little Indians, who rocked the show after we were done geeking over our blogs. It seemed that the crowd there had heard them perform before and were chanting along, but, then again, since they were mostly belting out rock-ey stuff, generic head banging and growling in accompaniment with the air guitar strumming would have been good enough. Before the Indifans decide to launch a DDoS on my blog, I better stop here.

DSC01567 DSC01568Akshay Patra held center stage for some time to showcase their worthy endeavor, and in this post I will just limit myself to saying that I will be blogging more about the AP campaign over the next few days. It is indeed a wonderful project which feeds 1.3 million children everyday all over India and are helping children choose in the dilemma of books vs bread. It is an effort to which I have pledged my support, monetarily and time wise, as also endoresement from this blog. I am usually skeptical about NGOs running programs which complement Government run programs (like Mid Day Meal program in this case). My experience (albeit limited) shows that they often hijack the (very little) good work done by the Governmental programs, since the behemoth of bureaucracy is blind to PR gimmicks. However, the Akshaya Patra people were very open and cordial and invited a bunch of us to visit their kitchens and over see the entire process at their own expenses!

DSC01572Did I mention that we all were given free tees at the do? Yeah, we were!

And finally, there had to be a downer in all of this. How can I expect a day to go as smoothly as this and not throw up a tantrum at the very end? My car had been acting all moody of late, and it was during my departure that I realized that the battery was dead, thanks to my endless music blaring and not checking for water and stuff. While a push and a shove was needed to get the cranky beauty moving, thankfully, it got all sorted out thereafter, when the turbines kicked in (yo engineering dudes, gimme a break already!). Anyways, with the car acting all moody and myself so worn out after the Indiawesomeness, I decided to skip the Kolkata Blogger Meet 2011, being organized not far from there.

Sigh. Great day came to a close. Met some great people. Major connecting and stuff. Now, to see if any of them give any attention to my blog: some hitz would be welcome, folks!

18 thoughts on “#IndiCal Blogger Meetup

  1. Now now… you do not sound skeptical. It was great meeting you! The endeavor was great. And this presentation is great!
    However, I heard of the 5 little indians only the day before going there… and they sure are to go a long way before they land up somewhere!

    Now people will surely Dos up this blog.. for the pics, for once I did not carry my cam, but then some pics of the “back stabbing” excercise would have been great! Nice work doc!


    1. I know, I was too interested making stupid puns on people’s backs: totally forgot to click pics! And you know, what’s worse? I FORGOT to get the sheet with comments and such! I left it there somewherez! :”(


  2. Wow! Sounds like you had a great time at the Blogger Con. If I could blog better or knew enough about anything to write a good blog I would go to these things. My friend is a big blogger and is going to two of these in the first 6 months of this year. I always enjoy reading your blog.


    1. @Marie: Hey you really don’t have to write ‘awesome’ blogs to go to these meets! You are sharing your thoughts on your blog which is what matters! Make sure you attend meets like these when they happen near you. May be your blogger friend can help you 🙂

      What is your blog link by the way?


    2. Hey! What are you talking about! You have an awesome blog, buddy. And blogger cons are fun even if you are not an ariana huffington or Kevin MD!


  3. Dr. Skeptic…good to see so much scepticism in the youth..It means concern. However, things have always been like this, the world over, and over the ages. But progress happens. Dont lose heart is what I say. I like the first look of your posts and hope to visit more frequently! Cheers


  4. Oh well.. DR., nice to meet you… You ‘stabbed’ my back… LOL… The thread which we proposed to start in the IndiBlogger site has not been started yet.. Really looking forward to it and more from your blog, Sir…


    1. Thanks “Progamist” I have visited your blog before and I like the looks of it! 🙂 As for the Indiblogger thread, unfortunately, I have not much experience regarding that!


  5. Hey Doc, Nice roundup! Though girls who read your post might want to beat you up a lil bit 😉 It was nice meeting you guys at the meet. I’m saying it again… Cal Rocks!


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