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The Retraction Blog (via Retraction Watch)

I stumbled upon this group following a discussion on an online email discussion group regarding repositories of retracted papers. Whilst that discussion raised an important question: how does the retraction of a paper affect the metrics of other papers citing the retracted work, this post is not about that. (I hardly know anything about that topic anyways, so it would be difficult for me postulate an answer to that question anyhow!).

This post is about Retraction Watch, an awesome blog by Ivan Oransky and Adam Marcus discussing retractions of papers. I read several of their posts and I must say I found ti to be an awesome blog. I strongly suggest that if you are into academic medicine and stuff like that, check out this blog!

One of these days I got to get off my butt and start populating the bloggroll widget! Pooh.

Why write a blog about retractions? Post by Ivan Oransky and Adam Marcus The unfolding drama of Anil Potti — a Duke researcher who posed as a Rhodes Scholar and appears to have invented key statistical analyses in a study of how breast cancer responds to chemotherapy — has sent ripples of angst through the cancer commu … Read More

via Retraction Watch


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