An NEJM Perspective for Every Medical Student

This perspectives article in the NEJM is a wonderful read. Describing the eternal struggle of the Third Year medical student, it is a wonderful narrative look into the rather sensitive issue by two people on two sides of the table: Katharine Treadway, a long time teacher, and Neal Chatterjee, a third year medical student, both … Continue reading An NEJM Perspective for Every Medical Student

IMGs in the USMLE, 2011 Match

Given the growing number of medical students from India who are taking the USMLE, terms like steps, match, scramble, have become more common on the medical school turfs in the sense pertaining to the USMLE. This year, three people I know personally applied for the match. Two of them got through. So, when I got … Continue reading IMGs in the USMLE, 2011 Match

The Open Reviews Debate

The point-counter-point articles by Karim Khan and Trish Groves published on November 2010 caught my attention when the latter tweeted a link to her side of the story a couple of days ago:!/trished/status/53044806108188672 At the outset of this post, let me make one thing clear: I know that open peer review is a good … Continue reading The Open Reviews Debate

My New Keys

I have been using the Toshiba Portege 3490CT for well nigh a decade now. I used her with the crappy Windows ME, then went back to using Windows98, and finally a friend loaded me up with XP and that’s been driving her for most of the time. She has been with me in some real … Continue reading My New Keys

Bring BQC Back

How many of you have been fans of the Bournvita Quiz Contest growing up? I know I have been. And so, when Rahul contacted with me with the news that they were planning to resurrect the BQC, not only did it bring back fond memories, but also spurred me to do something about it. So … Continue reading Bring BQC Back