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Volkswagen ads (via An Irishman Abroad)

I usually do not reblog the posts that get freshly pressed (God knows they get enough attention as it is with the whole community checking out their sites: makes me so jealous!), but this one was very close to my heart. So much so, that I went on to reblog it.

Whilst I enjoyed the gender stereotyping and the marketing strategies which may have been considered to be disastrous in today’s world, I also enjoyed how beautiful the “Bug” is. Volkswagen is now making a foray into India with Polo (a car which I consider EXTREMELY generic and ugly) and some other sedans (Jetta amongst them catches the eye). However, there are few, if any Beetles to be seen on the road. But somehow, I prefer the old Beetle over the new one. Somehow, the new ones seem not-so-likeable. Blame my Vintage-philia, but I rather fancy the rusted ol’ yellow bug which once lay alone, isolated and uncared for in the garage of my uncle over the swanky, shiny progenies which sometimes I get to see in Kolkata.

Anyways, a freshly pressed post worth reblogging. Thank you for bringing it home!

Image via Team BHP

And quite coincidentally, I went on a shopping spree today where I ended up buying 8 graphic tees, two of which featured vintage cars, one being the bug (to top it off, the tee was yellow!). Bite me, I am a little obsessed with vintage cars!


Volkswagen ads I have recently been watching box sets of Mad Men – a TV series set in the early 1960s in an advertising office on Madison Avenue, New York. It’s beautifully stylish and the drama’s not bad either, but most of all, it has begun to make me appreciate advertisements a lot more. The advertising company Doyle Dale Bernbach were the ones responsible for Volkswagen’s iconic campaigns of the 1950s and 1960s. William Bernbach had realised something very … Read More

via An Irishman Abroad


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