Brain, Meet Proton Beam

Well, of all the weird science things I have been reading of late, this has to rate right up at the top of the pile.

I am not going to waste it by posting too many spoilers, because Ben Good has written about it quite extensively on his post, but this I am going to say: it is indeed wonderful how much the human body can adopt. I was studying basic Biochemistry today and while studying the simple stuff like Glycolysis and TCA Cycle and such stuff, once again, I had to marvel at the beauty of the whole system. The intricate regulatory balances, woven with one another, in such fine balance! Maybe the whole Science vs God debate is redundant. Maybe they are the two sides of the same coin!

Anyways. Enough philosophical prevarications. Check out the B Good Science Blog to know up, close and personal what might be the effect if you suddenly decided to shoot yourself in the head with a proton beam travelling at the speed of light, with a radiation dose of 20,000 rads!

Happy Rading!

Neuroscience Cases: The Man Who Put His Head in a Particle Accelerator “Have you been injured at work in an accident that wasn’t your fault?” The terrible adverts, for companies like ‘lawyers4u’,  characterise work injuries as falling off laders or slipping on a wet floor. Well for one man, his work related accident was a great deal more spectacular. Anatoli Petrovich Bugorski accidentally put his head in a particle … Read More

via B Good Science Blog


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