Thank You Eva, For Reminding Me…

… what studying Medicine was all about.

I came across this talk by Alzheimer’s and Cancer researcher, Microbiology prodigy, Eva Vertes. She delivered this TEDTalk when she was just 19, but by then she had already made a niche of her own in the world of medicine. At a juncture when I am personally going through a lot of changed and turmoil, this video of hers seems a timely reminder of why I started studying Medicine in the first place.

She talks about Cancer in this talk of hers as a normal body response goes awry. This was recorded in 2005, and since then molecular and genetic understanding of cancer has moved on significantly, and immunomodulator therapy for cancer is a real active area of research now. But the thing which drew me to the talk the most was her infectious sense of enthusiasm about the topic.

She starts off with her rather strange story, about how her Grandmother was supposed to be transferred to the death camp of Auschwitz but managed to escape fortuitously. And then about her parents resettling. Its a riveting story in its own self. Eva seems to be something like a destiny’s child that way.

Anyways. Thank you Eva for reminding me of the enthusiasm a medical mystery would stir up in me. Thank you for leading the prodigal son home!

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