IMGs in the USMLE, 2011 Match

Given the growing number of medical students from India who are taking the USMLE, terms like steps, match, scramble, have become more common on the medical school turfs in the sense pertaining to the USMLE. This year, three people I know personally applied for the match. Two of them got through. So, when I got the ECFMG reporter mail, I decided to run down the numbers and post it on the blog. Here’s an overview of the USMLE IMG oriented stats for 2011 and 2010. Take a look:




Positions offered 22,809 23,421
IMGs Participating 11,048 10,477
IMGs Matched 4,686 (42.4%) 4,626 (44.2%)
Non-US IMGs Participating 7,246 6,659
Non US IMGs Matched 2,881
US IMGs Participating 3,695 3,759
US IMGs Matched 1,749
Total IMG PGY1 entrants 2008-2009
Non-Match Entrants 2578 2539

Pretty intriguing numbers, eh?

Usually, the September issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association releases extensive analyses of the results in the September special medical education issue. While you chew on these numbers, let me go see if I can dig up the relevant papers from last year’s September medical education issue.

These stats were culled from the ECFMG Reporter, Issue 167, March 31st, 2011.

Now to go seek some more analyses!

5 thoughts on “IMGs in the USMLE, 2011 Match

    1. Nah, not really. Not this year anyways! Right now, I am thinking of exploring the Indian medical education scenario. Its changing a lot. Good times ahead, possibly. Also, lot of other considerations, family constraints…


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