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The War of the Words: David vs Good

When it comes to science bloggers, one common nature I have noted is the obsession with numbers. Given the analytical nature of the work, it hardly seems a stretch to imagine that it would spill over onto their blogs as well.

I used to think that this obsession was merely with the ones like me, the smaller fry in the sea. But no, apparently, the bigger fish play the same game too!

In their Blography head off, David Robertson and Ben Good, two science bloggers I like reading, are competing for domination over each other. And you just head over to Ben’s blog or David’s blog and see for yourself how they taste like!

P.S. In his post declaring the Blography challenge, Ben seems to have “inadvertently” linked a 404 page on his own blog as a link to David’s blog. Way to steal a headstart, mate! Smile with tongue out


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