This has got to be an April Fools’ prank!

Take a look at the visits graph:


Like most newbie bloggers, I have one eye on the hit counter always and it is an absolute pleasure to see any spike on the meter at all. So, when I logged in to check the innards of the blog today, I found this!

According to the graph, I have had 1500+ visits on my blog today. And since my blog never has even a tenth of that on a normal day, I am going to guess that it is either of two things. One, the wonderful wordpress guys, for some inexplicable reason, have realized I am OCD about the blog stats and have decided to play an unmentionably cruel prank on me. Or two, the blog meter shows 157 hits for the day, which is most likely correct, and somehow, some screw must have fallen loose somewhere in wordpressland and the graph is reading the number wrong. Actually if the graph interpreted 157 as 1570, the graph would show a peak something like this.

In either case, it is a real sad thing, but thanks to the people who left 157 hits. Hope you keep coming back again!


6 thoughts on “This has got to be an April Fools’ prank!

  1. great first impression, i received 560 visits from stumbler one day and then back to normal low numbers after that .. a spike for no apparent reason – it makes you smile.. cheers alan


    1. turns out that it was a really cruel april fools joke. 😦 and i was not the only one to be on the wrong end of it…


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