Reblood: Tasty Humans!

I stumbled on this blog from a link on Ben Good’s blog. It is a fascinating look into why mosquitoes behave the way they do, biting some people and leaving others at rest. I guess thus settles a lot of weird pseudoscientific claims that I have always been assaulted with whenever I complained of being bitten by mosquitoes when no one else even felt a twinge. Its a fascinating read. Take a look!

Tasty Humans Being stuck in a dark room with a blood sucking insect is never a pleasant experience. Worse than the high pitch whine that swoops by your ear is the knowledge that you could become an unwilling blood donor at any time. There are some people however, who never seem to get bitten. What is it about them that make them so inedible? The answer is on our skin. Our bodies are covered in microorganisms. There are over 150 bacterial species on the averag … Read More

via Camila Ruz


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