Shubho Naboborsho: Happy Bengali New Year (1418)


This is the Bengali New Year. And here is wishing everyone a great, prosperous and happy new year.

This is a day of hope and of joy. And of course, of great, great food! It is almost traditional in my home to celebrate the day with sumptuous lunch, the table being graced by numerous preparations of the king of fish: The Hilsa!


It is a day when the city breaks out in a riot of colors. For once, the ephemeral boundaries of political color is submerged by the color of celebration!

poila boisakh

I hope that this new year brings you whatever your heart craves for. The past year has not been too kind on me, personally, and professionally. This day gives me another ray of hope at life and lady luck giving me a break.

Shubho (=Happy) Nabo (=New) Barsho (=Year). May poila (=First) Boishakh (the name of the first month in the Bengali Calendar) bring me some joy as well.

Shubho Naboborsho!

4 thoughts on “Shubho Naboborsho: Happy Bengali New Year (1418)

    1. And yes, forgot to ask you about ur musical taste.. Do you like “chaander haashi baandh bhengechhe” ? ;-D


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