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Chasing the Dragon: Then and Now

Not as colorful a post as the title might suggest, just random reblogging of video contents doing the rounds on the major music channels of India. The first one is the original bong snorting song back from the 1970s. The video is special mainly because you can see that John Lennon worked the Bollywood circuits as a random extra in those days (check out 0:08. Apparently, he was so bad, it’s a blink and you miss kinda thing!)

The Original DUM song!


And well, the modern day bong song is this one. After badnaam-ed Munni (Malaika) and sexy Sheela (Katrina), it’s the turn of Deepika to do the item booty shake. This song is special mainly because of its lyrics, which is just one rung below that of Rebecca Black’s Friday. The highlights being:

Unche se uncha banda,
potty pe baithe nanga..

Though the sheer genius of this couplet is lost in translation, the idea can be somewhat paraphrased as:

No matter hpw great the man,
Sits naked, shits on the pan…

This song epitomizes the best of Bollywood. An “inspired” music, lyrics that would shame a retarded gorilla, and a near-naked hot chick booty boggling out brainless eyes. Aaah, this is what dreams are made of! (Shit. Now I need to get Hannah Montana outta my head!)

Deepika: Now

2 thoughts on “Chasing the Dragon: Then and Now

  1. There’s also something like “Khulla hay supermarket baapka/Kya pasand jee aapka” or something like that…Can’t believe it can get as brainless raunchy as this…And there was a time where sensuality and sexuality lay in subtlety and intellect 😦

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