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Time to Make Yourself Heard: West Bengal Polls

In my bid to keep the tone of my blog politically neutral, I shall try not to show any particular political proclivity in this post.

A couple of my friends were rather reluctant when I called them and asked them how their electoral exercise went. In fact, they were rather apathetic about the whole exercise. In trying to cajole them into getting their asses out of their homes and into the voting booths, I launched into a tiring tirade about how we should make the calls, how we should make our voices heard, blah blah blah.

I believe very strongly in the democratic process. Granted, it is not the best system around, but it IS the least worst. And given what the world has seen pass by, I would grab this lesser evil by both hands.

Without getting too emo about the whole thing, I believe that this day is in a large part what hundreds of thousands of Indians fought for, and died for. The right to choose. The right to express. The right to vote.

Do not sully their sacrifice for petty issues, laziness and procrastination. Go exercise your right to be an Indian. Go VOTE!

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5 thoughts on “Time to Make Yourself Heard: West Bengal Polls

  1. A lot of Indians definitely fought for it,and a lot still do!But there must be consideration also of the fact that the lot were guided by a few and there ideology,motivations and desires.The few were the head for the body of the multitudes.Considering that fact,we always have to wonder how right a particular movement of public attitude is!For is it not highly-biased by the effective marketing by a few of polarized interests often!

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